About Don't Cry

Don't Cry is India based NGO which is a part of Subhlaxmi Jankalyan Samiti, Nagpur (INDIA). Which was established as a charitable trust In 1998 vide registration No.388/99 to help in the unliftment of child problem by raising their moral & social standard by providing education and other allied activities.

Our Aim And Objective

1. To help community member of society in all ways, the moral & social to becoming self sufficent and meeting their basic health care needs. Allow families to lead healthy and productive lives.

2. Health care center is proposed to be developed along with school building.

3. To rehabilitate child labour and to enable parents and community member to take responsibility for the situation of the deprived child labour and so motivate them to confront the situation through collective action thereby giving the child & themselves an opportunity to realize their full potential.

4. To open and run adult education classes for the rural and urban illiterates

People Behind Don't Cry

Don't Cry is managed by a Board of Advisors which comprises of individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise. The body is formed for a period of one year and a few independent members with eminence and reputation are nominated each year. Members of this board meet once every quarter.

Members of the Board of Advisors are as follow:

1. Mrs. Nisha Pakhale - President
2. Mr. Aniruddha Pakhale - Vice President
3. Mr. Saurabh Sonkusale - Secretory
4. Miss. Nikita Jiritkar - Jt. Secretory

Together We Create a Special World!

Despite considerable attempts by social activists and goverment so far, the suffering of child problem are multiplying unceasingly. Government has been taking various pro-active measures to tackle this problem. However, considering the magnitude & extent of the problem and that it is essentially a socio-economic problem inextricably linked to poverty illiteracy, it requires coordinated efforts from all sections of the society to make a dent in the problem. It cannnot be solved by legislation alone .

Our Mission and Services

Don't Cry is incorporated with an objective for elimination of child labour through in-depth survey & identification followed by comprehensive rehabilitation program for rescued child labours and empowerment program for their parents & community members.

We innovative strategies that have far-reaching effects to eliminate child labour and to provide significant value addition in local communities simultaneously. Elimination of child labour and enhanced value addition in local community go hand-in-hand because we belive any attempt to rectify social evil cannot have far-reaching effects without enhancing the living condition of local communities at large. We are enclosing our action plan for elemination of child labour in Nagpur District with this letter for your perusal. It elaborates our action plan towards survey & identificaton of childs labours, rehabilitation of rescued child labours, empowering parents and improving living condition of member.


Don't Cry Currently Runing Programs

Child Labour

National Child Labour Project has a mandate for bridge school to rehabilitate rescued child labour however for a limited period. Don't cry has proposed to establish training center for comprehensive survey& identification of child labour. Don't Cry has scientifically developed training program and it aims to employ one child labour monitor in each village/town. Continued efforts by child labour monitor and associated team in each village/town will help us a lot to identify and remove illegal child worker with proper government support.

Child Education

We belive that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and ending the exploitation of children. It is where social and economic developemnt begins, Don't cry is commited to build one residental school in each block. Every school is customized according to need of the community. Don't cry schools will provide children the opportunity to complete basic literacy and to develop professional skill according to there choicein safe and confortable environment till attainment of 19 years of age.

Orphanage Home

Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) continue to maintain a spot at the forefront of the international agenda with millions of children worldwide being orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS and with the numbers projected to increase in the next decade. Large and growing numbers of OVC children are a worldwide concern; in overview, Asia’s absolute number of orphans reached over 87 million in 2003 and sub-Saharan Africa’s absolute number of orphans reached estimates of 43.4 million.


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Plot No. 29, Adarsh Colony, Trimurti Nagar, Nagpur (INDIA)- 440022

+91 772 205 0772



Plot No. 29, Adarsh Colony, Trimurti Nagar, Nagpur (INDIA)- 440022

+91 772 205 0772



Plot No. 29, Adarsh Colony, Trimurti Nagar, Nagpur (INDIA)- 440022

+91 772 205 0772



Plot No. 29, Adarsh Colony, Trimurti Nagar, Nagpur (INDIA)- 440022

+91 772 205 0772